Yet another development blog online.

by Theo24. July 2009 22:49

This is the beginning of yet another development blog, mostly oriented on .NET development.

I’m an software engineer, just in the beginning of my career and as I'm learning and expanding my knowledge and skills, I've decided to create a blog, thinking that it will make me improve my own skills sharing the knowledge. 

How?.. well:

  • Blogging interesting or tricky subjects forces me to work the subject to present it in an understandable manner – which will give me a better understanding of the topic
  • This is the place i can go to for all my future “How the #¤#” did i do that” -experiences
  • Eventually someone will click the wrong link somewhere, or write the wrong url in the browser, and end on my blog - and perhaps that someone will comment a post, and make me learn something i got wrong, or something that could have been done different. It’s all about sharing and learning
  • And finally… I use blogs all the time when ever I’m sorting out some problem or learning about a new development topic, it’s time to give something back, and perhaps somebody somewhere will benefit of it.

So I'll try to keep putting tricks, thoughts or anything I find interesting and useful on this blog. Maybe I'll even find a name for it one day.

BlogEngine.NET is by the way is a great, easy to set up, ASP.NET based blogging platform.
(and its made by a dane ;) )

Theo Andersen

Hi, you've reached my blog on software development.

I use this blog mostly for my own purpose of remembering stuff, so i only put things here once in a while when i get the time.

My current focus is on TDD, unit testing, object oriented code and IOS development.