James Shore's - Lets Play TDD screencasts

by Theo7. June 2011 20:33

I recently discovered James Shore's most excellent "Lets Play TDD" series. It's a series of screencasts all of around 15 minuttes, which shows the building of a java application from the start with TDD - and this live, with all the choices and hick-ups and whatever included. 

I'm only just reached episode 22 so far, and he's made over a 100 at the time of writing this post. I will highly recommend this to anyone that wants to learn more about TDD in a real project.

As with Kent Becks TDD screencasts, its always great to see the different styles of TDD, i find it a great way to learn more. And James seems to almost produce episodes faster than i have time to watch them :).

First blog post about the series:http://jamesshore.com/Blog/Lets-Play/Lets-Play-Test-Driven-Development.html

Links to all the posts: http://jamesshore.com/Blog/Lets-Play/

..great stuff

Kent Beck TDD screencasts

by Theo15. February 2011 21:14

A good resource for anybody wanting to learn more about Test Driven Development, is the 4 screencasts by Kent Beck, which can be bought from The Pragmatic Bookshelf site.

This is Kent Beck describing the workflow he uses when doing TDD and is a great way to learn a bit more about it.

Here’s Mark Needham’s comments of the screencasts:

Interesting points to notice about the approach

  • He starts of writing the code inside the test, and first pulls it out into its own class when its justified to do so. This way its easier to start, as we don’t have to find out how we want the design of the class/classes, before we have the code to put in there.
  • Smaller tests are removed, when bigger tests cover the same parts. As tests must be maintained, it makes sense not to have multiple test covering the same areas.
  • Kent tries to Call hits shots, when running the unit tests, meaning that he tries to predict if the test is going to evaluate to red or green, as a exercise when TDD’ing.

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